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“The Truth Movement is Dead,” claims Thomas Sheridan. Well one thing is for sure, the Truth is being dragged through the mud by the very people who claim to champion it.

Since the explosive testimony of two young kids hit Youtube a few months ago, division, argument, derision and ridicule has ruled supreme within the Truth Movement ever since.

From the very start, big hitters such as Danielle La Verite and Thomas Sheridan poured scorn on the kids testimony of satanic murder, cannibalism and sexual abuse, while big hitters who should have known better remained silent, too scared to voice their opinion in fear of a back-lash by the very people who claim to be champions of the Truth.

With the kids statement retracted under the successful interrogation of Metropolitan Police and the propaganda of the BBC's interview with Rick Dearman, (the kid's father,) the Hampstead Case appeared to be well and truly dealt with and buried.

Anyone brave enough to stand up for the kids and believe them were swiftly ridiculed and smashed back into the place as outlandish conspiracy theorists who'd believe anything (including the Earth was flat.)

Danielle La Verite
Discussion and debate soon dried up and the Hampstead kids were duly returned to the father accused of abusing them in the first place, while their Mother fled abroad in fear of arrest by the British/Hampstead authorities.

If you had sent two Time Travellers into the future 10 years ago, they would have returned and recounted the story that two of the UK's most cherished and loved children entertainers were in fact dangerous paedophiles. You could imagine what the Time Travellers would have been put through. The nation would have laughed in their faces and deemed Time Travel nothing more as a sick trick.

Thomas Sheridan
How wrong they would have been. History has confirmed the horrific Truth that Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris were in fact dangerous paedophiles who preyed on vulnerable children while under the protection of the BBC.

The leading opponents of the Truth Movement, Danielle La Verite and Thomas Sheridan were the first to smash any discontent and label anyone who believed the kids as 'Cunt-flaps'.

As the Editor of Guerrilla Democracy News I was amongst the first to rally support from the other big hitters in the Truth Movement to give their opinion and support the Hampstead kid's testimony which so many were deriding as staged lies.

Chris Spivey
Here is what Chris Spivey had to say on the subject:

Have a word with yourself Matt, you are losing the plot.

You are becoming a figure of fun, and from where I sit the only people dragging the truth movement through the mud are the likes of you & Catshit... Why the fuck should it matter to you what Danielle believes or doesn't?

She is entitled to her opinion and just because it differs from yours is no reason to spit your dummy out.

And lets face it Matt, you have made some awful errors of judgement of late... Like apologising to that drug addicted paid troll in the jungle for one... What the fuck has that self obsessed soppy cunt ever done to help further the movement that you are so concerned about being dragged through the mud? 

My advice to you is worry about your own shop before trying to put other peoples in order... And that most definitely includes mine, because right now you are coming across as an egotistical, spoilt brat, with fuck all to brag about.

Who I support and who I don't has fuck all to do with you or anyone else... However, now you have brought the subject up, I don't remember seeing you at my court case last month... Course, shouting your mouth off at me is a sure fire way of losing mine.”

Danielle La Verite had consolidated her position as the Queen of the Truth Movement and not even the King of the Truth Movement was about to do anything to support the Hampstead kids and risk provoking the acid tongue of the Acid Queen.

Coming from the man who had done so much to bring down the Establishment, I thought it incredible that he should omit talking about the Hampstead Case, which has all the potential to bring the evil Establishment to its knees.

As far as I was concerned the Hampstead Case had been successfully dealt with and contained by the Establishment and as far as Rick Dearman was concerned, it was business as usual.


Then Hannah Rose read about it in the Daily Mail and the Hampstead Case was back in the lime-light.

As expected, anyone who stands up and publicly states they believe the Hampstead kids are swiftly brought back down to Earth and ridiculed beyond compare by the very people who claim to champion the Truth Movement in the first place.

As John Taylor made clear in a comment in response to me sharing her video on my Facebook page, “Matt she gave up after she made this video.”

To which I replied, “She may have given up but I'm just beginning.”

So, I once again approached Chris Spivey to enquire whether he was willing to stand up for the Hampstead Kids with the following simple question.

Do you believe the Hampstead kids Chris ?

To which his gatekeeper Lisa Pea kindly answered on his behalf:

I never quite know what to make of your passive aggressive nature Matt. Forgive me if i am reading this wrong.... but are you seriously expecting Chris to say whether he believes in this or not? You do know Chris has a court case in a few weeks time on harassment charges that could see him sent down for a while? and this case has lots of retrospective legal attachments to it. I personally (LISA) you know it's me that hangs out over here, think Hampstead is big, massive, huge! however we need to give it a bit of time and be mindful always. None of us can say "it is" or "it is not" at this point......that generally takes a little time Lisa x”

Simon Welsh
I asked the same question to Simon Welsh, the Truth Movement's favourite poet:

Not relevant right now as I have no idea what you're talking about. Please don't explain it to me. I'll be available for all things not camino in July xx”
Michael Doherty

I asked Michael Doherty, a man who dedicated his life to fighting paedophiles:

My gut instinct is faux. Psyop. Have you researched it. Have any murdered kids been identified? Point me to any provable facts. As I said I was very turned away after viewing part of vid. It didn't feel right. So I haven't given it much attention. Lately I've been absolutely snowed in with cases. Not much time in day for much else.”
Patrick Henningsen

Patrick Henningsen, a renowned international researcher of merit and a regular speaker at Ian R Crane's AV conferences had this to say:

I have no idea what the "Hampstead Kids" means. I never heard of the story.”

Daisy Jones
In fact the only person who gave me a straight answer was the beautiful Daisy Jones, regular Master of Ceremonies of the AV conferences who replied:

Having spoken extensively to Brian and all at the UK Column who are in direct contact with those involved in the case, I'd say yes- I do believe the children and yes, I do think there's been a miscarriage of justice.”

I've contacted other big hitters in the Truth Movement such as:
  • Ian R Crane
  • Bill Maloney
  • Lou Collins
But as of yet have had no reply.

This leaves me with no other course of action but to declare-



  1. I believe the children until legal investigations prove them wrong. There have been no police investigations.


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