Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Talk about looking after your own! Sussex Police certainly aren't. Two rookie police officers get sent to a scene from hell and they naively take a selfie with the hash-tag “Human Barbecue.”

Now considering police officers are routinely sent to scrape up dead bodies from the ground, it isn't wonder they share gallows humour between themselves.

We know that every emergency serviceman and woman who attended the scene of the Shoreham air-crash were offered counselling to deal with the horrors they had to face.

If the police officers had posted their video selfie on a public domain then it would be a different matter all together, but the fact is, they sent it to a colleague.

They kept it within house...

I agree totally with what Lisa Dunn said in the Facebook comment section under the video of Olivia Pinkney, the assistant Chief Constable condemning her new recruits.

"I'm someone who has worked in difficult situations and to be utterly honest black humour is something that we all took part in. It's a coping mechanism. You are seeing the most awful things that the normal public couldn't even imagine. These officers were stupid for putting it on social media. But I think it could have been dealt with better! The families and public haven't really got a clue what was said and would have been none the wiser. Whoever reported them should have spoken to them. I've heard they are new to the job? Can you imagine what they saw! They struggled to find a way to process what they were seeing and coped in the wrong way....not in a very pc way and they are being punished for that. I don't think the public should have been told.”

The Sussex Police hierarchy should be protecting their rookie police officers, not hanging them out to dry.

Let's put this into perspective. Olivia Pinkney freely admits that, “Nothing in that video showed any detail of the scene.”

Two rookie police officers manning the cordon of the crash site, dealing with the horror behind them, both infallible to human nature.

Olivia Pinkney condemns their actions with the words “It is a huge disappointment and really upsetting,” while Katy Bourne adds her pennies worth with, “I am also aware of the hashtag that has been used and, quite frankly, personally I found it was grotesque.”

No Katy Bourne, what's GROTESQUE is the fact you've allowed a Chief Constable to retire early while under investigation for gross misconduct, while at the same time being paid £85,000 a year to hold him to account.

The hypocrisy of Sussex Police has been laid bare for the world to see. They are ready and willing to throw two rookie police officers to the lions, while protecting their seasoned Chief Constable's from the shame of facing the music over their own gross misconduct in office.

In my humble opinion and as an Ex-Royal Military Policeman, this incident should have been dealt with 'in house'. The police officer they sent the selfie to should have just have had a word with them. “We don't condone that at Sussex Police, make sure it doesn't happen again.” Any superior could have dealt with this behind closed doors. Whatever happened to private internal investigations?

Sussex Police are happy to conduct private internal investigations when it comes to allegations of gross misconduct against their Chief Constable's, but seem to prefer going public over something as minor as two rookie police officers taking an 'inappropriate' selfie.

Did you know that there were 26 complaints of misconduct against their ex Chief Constable Martin Richards and guess how many were found to be unsubstantiated? 26!

All investigated by Mark Streater, Katy Bourne's Chief Executive officer, paid £82,000 a year, ex Sussex Police officer with over 30 years service, and a good friend of Martin Richards.

Sussex Police are evidently indulging in the same old trick of “Look here, look here,” diverting our attention from what's going on “over there..”

To find out more about the corruption that runs deep within Sussex Police, I urge you all to check out my web page,

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