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Thursday, 21 September 2017

TAYLOR: “I can be the next PM in No.10”

MOAI KING WILLIAM IV Party leader Matt Taylor has insisted he is a credible candidate to be the next Prime Minister. Despite coming last in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown general election with just 69 votes, Taylor said he could replace Theresa May in 10 Downing Street.

The Moai King William IV party leader told BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show, “I think its perfectly plausible, actually, as leader of Britain’s newest political party, my job is to be the alternative Prime Minister.

Championing the forgotten memory of King Arthur II and representing the surrogate King William IV, John Wanoa from New Zealand, Taylor said, “I think British politics is in a remarkable state of disaster. You have got the Conservative party committing false flag events, while fleecing the British public dry. You have got a Labour party of wolves in sheep clothing and the Liberal party lead by a granddad.

“I, and the Moai King William IV party, are the real alternative.”

Asked if the Moai King William IV party is a credible political party, Taylor said, “If British party politics starts to break down, if the traditional structures start to break up, and that could well happen, we are perfectly positioned with amazing and wondrous policies guaranteed to save the nation.

He also attacked the Queen Elizabeth II branding her a ‘miser,’ for doing nothing to address the abstract poverty in her Kingdom. He said, “I’m a King’s man and my Kings are John Wanoa and King Arthur II.”

Friday, 25 August 2017

Just £3 a month can save a child’s life; A Party Political Protest on behalf of the Moai King William IV Party.

The Moai King William IV Party is gearing up for the party political conference season.

Join us and see for yourself that only the Moai, led by sorrogate King William IV, John Wanoa, can provide the real and positive change that our country is crying out for.

This is the first of many party political protests on behalf of the Moai King William IV party which will be released over the coming months.

Just £3 a month can save a child's life.

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Give the poor More; a Party Political Protest on behalf of the Moai King William IV Party.

The Moai King William IV Party is gearing up for the party political conference season.

Join us and see for yourself that only the Moai, led by surrogate King William IV, John Wanoa, can provide the  real and positive change that our country is crying out for.

This is the first of many party political protests on behalf of the Moai King William IV party which will be released over the coming months.

Give the Poor More

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Theresa may in New Harrassment Scandal.

Police Prime Minister Theresa May has been at the centre of a harassment and stalking scandal against her arch rival, the Shadow Police Prime Minister Matt Taylor.

Splashing £26,000 of taxpayer’s money on a team of Weightmans Solicitor’s to protect her reputation and position, Theresa May complained to Sussex Police of a relentless harassment and stalking campaign against her, by anti-corruption campaigner Matt Taylor.

Calling it “a 5 year relentless campaign of harassment stalking and malicious allegations,” May claims to be a victim of repeated online attacks, hundreds of Tweets and numerous websites, social media pages and Youtube videos published to undermine her reputation and position of office.


Matt Taylor, "I'm back!"

A “Particular Individual” who I would rather not name accused me of harassment and stalking.

Can you believe it? Me; harassing and stalking anyone! I’m the embodiment of good citizenship and the last thing I’d ever do is intentionally cause another person undue alarm or distress.

As I pointed out repeatedly to Surrey Police Detective Constable Andy Grimwood, everything I’ve ever written and published about the “Particular Individual” has been to prevent and detect crime.

I was arrest during a dawn raid on the 20th February 2017. All my computer equipment, camera, diaries, data-chips, CD’s and notebooks were seized and haven’t been returned since.
All charges were dropped by June 2017, when the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided that there wasn’t the evidential evidence to meet their Threshold Test and that no further action will be taken.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

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Saturday, 29 July 2017

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Theresa May + Public Inquiries – A Special Report by Matt Taylor.

Theresa May’s track record of managing Public Inquiries, holds as much credibility and confidence as her ability to make a reasoned decision and stick to it.

As soon as she announced the Public Inquiry she came under immediate fire for not making it independent. The impression it gives is that by not making it independent, any wrong doing placed at the feet of ex and serving ministers can be better controlled and whitewashed, than if an independent body were in charge.

Gavin Barwell
Already the ‘Gavin Barwell’ connection has come to the forefront, in which the prepubescent public school boy, (who I imagine still needs his mummy to wipe his bottom for him), rudely ignores questions abut his involvement, (as the then Housing Minister), about kicking the issue of tower block fire safety into the long grass.

It makes it all the more toxic for the embattled Prime Minister that the very same Gavin Barwell, is now 10 Downing Street’s Chief of Staff, swiftly employed after the resignations of the PM’s closest advisors, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill.

Remember the Child Abuse Public Inquiry Fiasco?

With no mention during the doomed snap 2017 General Election, the last Public Inquiry Theresa May ordered was into child abuse. Now on its fourth chair person in as many years, the nation is no closer to knowing the truth about the scale of child abuse in the UK.

David Cameron once described child abuse in the UK to be on an ‘industrial scale’. With something so contentious, disturbing and urgent, May appointed Baroness Butler-Sloss in July 2014, but watched her step down only 6 days later due to her obvious conflicts of interest of her brother being the Attorney General while cases of child abuse were (or were not) being investigated.

Then came the appointment of the then Lord Mayor of London, Fiona Woolf, who stood stand when her friendship with Leon Brittan hit the headlines, himself accused of alleged sexual abuse.

Third time lucky- not;  after the February 2015 appointment of New Zealand High Court judge Dame Lowell Goddard, who stood down due to the stress of conducting a Public Inquiry that would ultimately disgrace and possibly bring down the entire British political establishment.

Now on its fourth chair person, Professor Alexis Jay; the Child Abuse Public Inquiry has about as much credibility as Theresa May’s leadership.

“It was almost as if Theresa May was sabotaging the inquiry with no regard for the victims who still required answers.”

More alarming is the suggestion that the PM could even be instrumental in the cover-up of crimes committed by her father against children.

Published on The Swamp media website is an article by Johnny Vedmore titled, ‘Theresa May's Father - The Serial Killer, The Traveller's Daughter, and the Cover Ups’; he claims Theresa May’s campaign team deleted all web addresses linked to her father, Hubert Brasier, a Church of England chaplain.

The only explanation Vedmore offers is that the PM fears her father could be linked to parliamentary paedophiles operating from the infamous Elm Guest House, through the connection with the Diocese of Chichester.

As the following extract from the article demonstrates:

The Serial Killer

The following year, in 1953, Hubert became the Chaplain All Saints at Eastbourne Hospital in Sussex. Over the next 6 years he would work alongside the famous serial killer Dr John Bodkin Adams. For those who are unaware of Dr John Bodkin Adams, he was believed to be the Harold Shipman of his age. He would usually prey upon his more elderly patients, convincing them to put him in their wills, of which over 130 complied. They were soon given an injection by Bodkin Adams, and would conveniently pass away of ‘natural causes’ soon after. On review more than 165 of the deaths that Dr Bodkin Adams oversaw were seen as suspicious. The suspicion was not a well kept secret amongst staff at Eastbourne Hospital, most of the nurses had voiced their concerns to their superiors. They were believed to have been ignored on purpose, as the newly founded NHS was considered to be under political threat and a scandal that could see a general practitioner sentenced to death was to be avoided at all cost. The problem was Dr Bodkin Adams just couldn’t stop himself. He was being protected by Lord Gwynne who was believed to be his secret gay lover, and was an extremely well connected politician.

Hubert Brasier would have given last rights to many of those killed by Adams, he may have even taken confession from Bodkin Adams himself, who when asked by the press if he was guilty of stealing from old women said ‘I have made my peace with God over that’. Eastbourne Hospital is where it is believed that Theresa May’s mother Zaidee Mary Barnes met Hubert Brasier for the first time. Hubert was 11 years her senior and Zaidee had already been diagnosed with MS, and was a regular visitor to Eastbourne Hospital. Whether or not in the 1950’s society it was considered appropriate for a celibate hospital chaplain to marry a patient, that is what happened in 1955. Zaidee and Hubert were married in Reading in front of Zaidee’s father Reginald James Barnes whose profession is recorded in the wedding certificate as a ‘Traveller’. On October 1st 1956 Theresa Brasier was born in Eastbourne hospital. The following year Dr John Bodkin Adams would be acquitted of murder in a trail that was an obvious cover up, however he was convicted on 8 counts of forging a prescription, 4 counts of making false statements on cremation forms, and 3 offences under the Dangerous Drugs Act 1951. He would be temporarily struck of the NHS, only to be reinstated in 1961 when the proverbial dust had settled.

As Vedmore asks; “So what is it that you fear Mrs May? The truth about your colleagues, or is it something much closer to home? Maybe May is terrified of people connecting her with the name Brasier?”

Through her evident lack of sympathy and compassion displayed towards the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire inferno, to the total lack of back-bone towards major political policy, Theresa May has shown her true colour’s and has proved to the British public that while she sneers at a Labour victory as a Collision of Chaos (of which she is now forming with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Island), she’s currently managing a Leadership of Lunacy, in which the only victims are ultimately the British public and it’s children.

Collision of Chaos v’s Leadership of Lunacy.

If you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the embattled PM Theresa May? Think again… Things just got a lot worst. In fact it’s fair to say, things have just got a lot more surreal…

Read on if you dare!

According to the nation’s most controversial conspiracy theorist, (and no, I’m not talking about David Icke), but in fact Chris Spivey; Theresa May doesn’t really exist. She’s a creation of a secret department in the British government; a created persona used for their own nefarious ends, just as Diana Spencer and Madeleine McCann.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Theresa May in New Conspiracy Theory Scandal

If you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the embattled PM Theresa May? Think again… Things just got a lot worst. In fact it’s fair to say, things have just got a lot more surreal…

Read on if you dare!

According to the nation’s most controversial conspiracy theorist, (and no, I’m not talking about David Icke), but in fact Chris Spivey; Theresa May doesn’t really exist. She’s a creation of a secret department in the British government; a created persona used for their own nefarious ends, just as Diana Spencer and Madeleine McCann.

Unrepentant on his conviction of Harassment in 2015 against the family of murder Lee Rigby and with a readership reaching into its millions, Spivey understands that such a bold claim is hard for the vast majority of readers to get their head around, but maintains his belief that it’s the truth.

In a world of fake news Spivey appears to be propelling the concept of fake news, into a new and unexplored stratosphere.

As he writes in his latest article, ‘Stupid Is As Stupid Does’;

“Now, whilst you would think that it would be impossible to fake a whole life, it is in fact much easier than you would imagine, especially when the whole world believes the lie… Yet like Diana, the un-elected Prime-Mincer, Terry May is nothing more than a series of photoshopped images and a hand full of actors who vaguely resemble the public’s perception of what Un-El-Tel looks like.”

Credible only in Hollywood blockbusters and cash starved B-Movies, the grand conspiracy theory Spivey puts forward far outweighs David Icke’s life long belief that the Queen is a shape-shifting reptilian.

Is it really possible that secret government department uses various actors and actresses to play the public figures which the public adore, praise and vote for?

Spivey believes so; as does millions of others in the sub-culture we have come to call the Truth Movement;

“So let me tell you again. Teresa May does not exist. He/She doesn’t need to because he/she is like all of our politicians i.e surplus to requirements. I mean they certainly don’t do any work. In fact try writing to your politician to ask for help with a problem and all you will get in return is a reply from a minion.

Indeed our MP’s are nothing more than front men put in place to mask the biggest [on-going] fraud by far to have ever taken place in this country… And indeed all other countries are the same.”

Using facial comparison software and over-laying facial profiles with others, Spivey even goes as far to claim one such actor playing the role of Theresa May is none other than the son of the nation’s most famous female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

“Now as I say, May is played by at least 4 different people and at least one of them is a man… Probably and quite ironically, Mark Thatcher.”

According to Spivey, even May’s husband, Philip, is happy to explore his feminine side.


And then again; May’s arch enemy George Osborne is also in the frame.

Whether Spivey is a deluded fantasist or an unsung hero; Theresa May is under fire from literally every corner of society.

With evident intelligence and backed up with enough circumstantial evidence to fill a series of books, Spivey is blazing a trail where other conspiracy theorists daren’t to follow.

Promising to publish his book “A Bridge Too Far” – exposing the Westminster Bridge hoax, Spivey is the talk of the Truth Movement, loved by millions and hated by just as many. Fated to be the most famous man in the world if ever his surreal theories are ever proved to be true; he’s currently destined to be just another conspiracy theorist plying his trade and walking in the footsteps of David Icke, and Alex Jones.

Check out Spivey’s work at, if you dare; but be sure that you’ll never view the world and society ever the same again.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

Blowing the lip on the whole Hampstead Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Scandal.

Blowing the lid on the whole Hampstead satanic ritual child abuse scandal which was 100% covered up by the demonically-controlled mass media gutter press and the 100% satanically-controlled corrupt police, judiciary and the maniacally psychopathic Mad-Houses of Parliament and not forgetting Her Infernal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Straight from the mother's mouth, we finally hear the full story behind the Hampstead kids satanic ritual abuse scandal.

Sweeping away any doubt that the kids are lying, Ella Draper's testament covers every pertinent event from first discovering the horrific abuse her kids suffered, to the heart-breaking moment the kids were taken away and their stories retracted.

For the first time ever, we hear the true story of what happened to the Hampstead kids and what really goes on behind the closed doors of the Hampstead community.

Lets jump straight in and hear from Ella herself, about how she first found herself in England.

"I came to London having married Mr. Draper in Russia and being pregnant with his son James. James first lived with me and since our divorce with his father."

So this is obviously where Ella gets her surname from...

What about Ricky Dearman? Lets jump back into Ella's narrative and find out...

"During my relationship with Mr Dearman, there had been five Police call outs and three reports between 2006 and 2010. On the worst occasion, he tried to crack my skull with his knee on my head when I was on the bathroom floor. He only stopped, for my older son James called the Police who came quickly. I felt, unfortunately, too terrorized and intimidated to press charges at the time."

Wow; Ricky Dearman appears to be a nasty piece of work. A hundred miles away from the innocent victim as portrayed by Victoria Derbyshire and the BBC.

Ella continues, "Mr. Dearman's frequent outbursts of rage and violence, consistent emotional pressure, abuse, humiliating attitude became unbearable. In one instance he threw a chopping board with knife towards me but missed. In another, he broke my glasses and threw all my clothes into a ditch in front of the house."

The Past of an Abuser as Father

"Mr. Dearman has never provided financially for the children, except £10 per child per month taken off his benefits during the last 3-4 years. He hardly ever spent any quality time with them at home. He would never read a book or play games with them. The only game he seemed to play was the "tickling game". I wasn't happy about this since it always led to some kind of abuse. For example, Mr. Dearman wouldn't stop tickling children even though they would scream for him to stop. Besides, he would normally start this odd game late in the evening when the children would already have taken a bath and be ready for bed. This would send them hyper and those situations would almost always end up in arguments since I wanted to protect the children. Furthermore, all of a sudden James started to dislike Mr. Dearman. Mr. Dearman responded with humiliating remarks and attempted to discipline James in strange ways. For example, he would lock him up, while I was at work or shopping, and he would give him a bucket to pee and poo. This would almost always also result in arguments."

The word 'sadistic' springs to mind.

"He also harassed me sexually, pressuring me to have anal sex with him. He then bought a gigantic artificial penis suggesting for me to use. On many occasions he attempted to get me to watch online pornography. I objected to his perverted sexual attempts, threw the sex toy in the bin and asked Mr. Dearman to pick his stuff he had in my house and not to come there again."

This happened in 2007. Its sad when any loving relationship comes to an end, but by the sounds of this one, I expect it was a tremendous relief to get rid of the pervert. But of-course; as with everything in life, it isn't always smooth sailing. As Ella continues, "However, he came to school to "surprise" the children and often stalked us, showing up from nowhere: in the park, or on the way to school and in shops. I warned him on many occasions to stop doing this, but he requested to see the children. Many times he came and knocked on my door without prior notice and several times he broke in through the garden door. On one of such occasions he was violent and humiliated my mother by screaming and hitting her. He ran away before I dialed the police."

The Past of Family Court Proceedings over Access to the Children

"Since the stalking continued, I applied for an Emergency Court Order, and a Non-Molestation Order was granted for a month initially and then extended for 8 months while proceedings for contact were going on. I sent Alisa to Russia to stay with my parents. Unfortunately her passport ran out and she ended up staying slightly longer than anticipated.

A week after my application, his solicitors applied for a 'Prohibited Steps Order' since he claimed that I was trying to take the children out of the country. This was dismissed and there is currently no such Order in place. Mr. Dearman also made an application for contact. This was eventually granted in spite of my concerns for the children's safety. He started to see them regularly: every Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

However, contacts were not going well at all. Mr. Dearman was consistently returning the children late. He rejected my advice regarding their diet and was returning packed lunches of home prepared food.

Alisa and Gabriel were frequently getting sick during contact. Many times they vomited while in his care or after they came back home. Sometimes they developed headaches and stomach aches. I blamed this on food that Mr. Dearman was feeding them with.

My solicitors and I have sent numerous reminders, requesting not to feed the children with processed, sugary snacks. On one occasion Alisa developed high fever and hardly moved. I contacted the emergency doctor's line and almost took her to the emergency room.

Not only were the children returning sick or becoming sick shortly after, each time they were coming back in a terrible emotional and psychological state. A lot of Mondays or first part of the school week were missed as a result and affected the children’s education."

The Past of Sexual Abuse in the Dearman Family

"During holidays in August 2014, the children were confronted by my then partner when they sexually not only touched each other, but also a dog. Our comments triggered major revelations regarding the abuse they had suffered not only from their father but also many other adults.

In fact, it all seems to have started with Mr. Dearman’s brother, sister, his brother’s wife, his mother and 3 associates. The children abused, besides his own, were his nephews and nieces as well as two toddlers who one of the associates was looking after.

According to the children, this seems to have gone on before the children went to school and carried on while they were in school. However, it appears that not only the abuse increased, but also the number of abusers and the schedule of ritual acts."

The Failure by Christchurch School to Protect Children

"According to the children’s accounts, their father has been coming regularly to the school to abuse them and other children there, together with his associates.

Since I have a Residence Order for the children, I had asked the school administration in writing NOT to let their father take them out of school without my consent. However, he did so to sell them like prostitutes for £55 and £50 at a time.

Their father filmed the abuse of his and other children to create child pornography and snuff movies, selling them online."

CSA and Infant Sacrifice in Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).

"Mr. Dearman is the leader of a satanic cult that practices not only child sexual abuse but also infant sacrifice. Cult members include school staff, parents, solicitors, Social Services, CAFCASS staff, doctors, the school nurse and professionals from many walks of life.

Their meetings are held regularly in schools, church rooms, the East Finchley swimming pool as well as in private places. Details are available in a separate file of abusers with names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and schedules. Notably, these include references to 16 London Police stations."

Reporting Crimes to Barnet Police

"On Thursday 04 September we reported the abuse to Police Officer Mr. Jean Clement of Wood Green Police, but in private, at his home, as he is a member of the family. He filmed and recorded the children's accounts. Subsequently, his laptop was confiscated as part of the investigation.

On Friday 05 September the matter was apparently transferred to the Child Abuse unit of Barnet Police Station and later that evening, my children were first interviewed. Even though I thought that these interviews would be confidential, Mr. Dearman was alerted and complained to my solicitor.

One of the allegations made by the children was that they and other children in the school were given heavy drugs (cocaine, heroine) and were injected with sedative medication. To this day, I have not seen the test results of their hair samples. In spite of numerous enquiries, the police kept quiet about them during the entire time of investigation.

In total, the children were interviewed for about 3 hours each by Police. The medical examination initiated by the Police, confirmed the allegations of sexual and physical abuse, indicating serious injuries on the inside of the rectum area – due to the insertion of plastic objects. Both children were subjected to violence, which resulted in impaired hearing and arrested the development of Gabriel. Mr. Dearman used to hit and shout into the children’s ears and once hit Gabriel so hard that his ear was bleeding."

The Children in Care - in the Best Interests of the Children?

"On 11 September 2014 the children were taken into protective custody. Two weeks later I was told that they retracted all allegations against their abusers.

In spite of very detailed statements that the children provided, despite their medical examinations supporting the allegations, Barnet Police decided to close the case. The justification was that the children retracted their statements and that the investigation disproved their allegations.

The reasons given for retracting the statements were that the children took details of their "made up" story from the film "The Mask Of Zorro"

However, it is hard to believe that the intricate details of teachers' private parts, descriptions of their birth marks, moles, piercing on parents' and the school staff's private parts, descriptions of dancing with skulls, injections of children with sedative medication, infant trafficking and international child pornography movie business came from the innocent adventure PG film.

Plastic willies are used to sexually abuse children in Christchurch primary school in Hampstead, London. I was told that the children are saying that they saw this image on their friend Sarah's iPad.

I believe that the children retracted their allegations either because they got scared or someone threatened them. According to the children, not only school staff and parents are involved in the cult but also social workers, CAFCASS, lawyers as well as Police.

I believe that very serious misconduct by Police has occurred. The Police Officers in charge of the investigation: DI Matt Fernandez, DI Steve Martin and DI Cannon were reluctant to carry on the investigation or even questioning Mr. Dearman and other alleged abusers."

There Ella's testament ends, but her story is far from over. By all accounts Ella is no longer with her boyfriend Abraham Christie, and Ricky Dearman has been spotted in Brighton with his son Gabriel, who's had his hair dyed black.

While gossips are implying Ella was actively involved in Dearman's Satanic cult, others are claiming this is a MI6 sponsored character assassination designed to discredit her story.

What is known for sure is that a police laptop which had the children's testimonies of satanic ritual child abuse on it was never shown as evidence to the court. So, obviously the whole thing was a massive cover-up as the UK Goverment does not want the world to know that Britain is the most depraved filthiest place on earth, especially London.

With the Pizzagate scandal said to explode in the United States, the Hampstead Satanic scandal is building up to do the same in the United Kingdom.

With so many prominent and respected people named, its not surprising that the cover-up has been so complete and comprehensive. The Queen and Country had to pull out all the tricks of the trade to bury this one.

The Hampstead satanic ritual child abuse scandal just goes to prove how massive the evil is which resides at the heart of the British Establishment. Its one of those things in which people would rather look the other way, rather than face the enormity of the problem.

Our nation's leading charities acknowledge children have been victims of satanic abuse, but ask the average man or woman in the street and they'll scratch their head in bewilderment.

Jimmy Savile was said to be indulging in satanic ritual abuse since the early 1970's, and we all know who Savile's best friends were. As this here-in lies the white elephant in the room.

The reason the Hampstead satanic ritual child abuse scandal has been covered up with such resounding success, (that even the Truth Movement doesn't believe the kids,) is that our British Royalty are involved with child-abuse and (with the full resources of the State at their disposal,) have pulled out all the stops to bury this scandal with stunning affect.

Thank you to the Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike for information on this matter, of whom I've cut and pasted certain sentences and paragraphs.

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